Chris Martin

Organist, St Mary, Shrawley
Treasurer, Friends of St Mary, Shrawley

Past Churchwarden and Chairman of Friends of St Mary, Shrawley. Currently Treasurer of same and resident organist.

I became a choirboy in London in 1956 and have sung in a number of places, most recently in Astley. I’ve played organ for St Mary, Shrawley since 1989, and often helped out elsewhere in the diocese. My role in the church has always been musical and practical rather than evangelical. Training as an engineer and serious DIY experience accounts for the physical side of that; and a career as a Civil Servant for the admin one. I hope I can claim to be a Christian: I profess the core tenets of the Faith and try to help and work for others. However, I have to admit to a cynical attitude towards most dogma and religious organization (as successive Rectors may have noticed?).

A HEALTH WARNING: I also play guitar in Rock and, even worse, Folk bands. I aim one day to run a modern music Service at St Marys.