Liz Whitehead

Authorised Lay Minister trained as a Pastoral Worker and Children’s and Youth Worker

I enjoy presenting weekly Godly Play sessions and St. Lawrence Clubs at Lindridge Primary School, as well as helping out with other church/school ministry.

Where did I first experience my calling?  I recall seaside holidays with my family, at a very young age, where we spent many an hour at a beautiful beach.  Occasionally a Christian Group would visit, encouraging and involving us kids in fun activities and games. I was presented with my first bible, covering the New Testament, “Good News for Modern Man” which included simple drawings on most pages which helped me to understand the Parables, which I particularly loved to read.  At the back of the Bible was a Reading Plan, and I can remember it being very important to me to keep up with the daily readings, ticking the little box when completed.  Life went on, I grew up and for many years had very little connection at all with Church until the baptism of my children.  This was the beginning of my re-connection to church and faith.  I have engaged in training wherever possible over the years which has given me the encouragement and inspiration to think more deeply about the theology of childhood, and all those involved in my training have influenced and shaped my journey in many ways.  I have particularly found Godly Play to be such a wonderful way that storyteller, and children, can grow in love for God and one another in community, particularly during our wondering time together, and this has supported me enormously on my own faith journey.  Passing on biblical stories to children, supporting them and seeing their enthusiasm and wonder is a great privilege.

Pastimes include hiking, swimming, and reading good thrillers!