The Children’s Society Christingle

Jesus is the Light of the World

We would love for you, your friends and your family to join us at our Christingle celebration to spread the light of Christ and bring hope to more children’s lives.

Saturday 19th December at 4pm via Zoom

Our Christingle celebration will be online as Covid-19 means we cannot gather in a church building in numbers and sing.

To join our Zoom Christingle please email

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What does a traditional Christingle look like?

Start with an orange and add some red tape, a candle, four cocktail sticks with fruits or sweets.

Each part has a meaning and the Christingle as a whole tells the Christian story.

  • The orange represents the world, God’s good creation.
  • The red tape or ribbon represents the love and blood of Jesus, who gave his life for us.
  • The candle represents Jesus, the Light of the World, born at Christmas time.
  • The cocktail sticks and the dried fruits or sweets represent all the good things in creation that God has given us.

No Orange for your Christingle?   Try something different:

There are no right or wrong representations of a Christingle, and you can be as creative as you’d like to be. Have a search around your home and see what you can find to create your own Christingle.

Here are some ideas:

  • What can you find that represents the world to you? Something beautiful? Something round?
    Suggestions: a photo of a landscape, a globe or ball, a world map, pebbles, feathers, shells, anything round!
  • What can you find in your home that is red or represents love to you?
    Suggestions: red string or wool, a scarf, a family photo, a piece of jewellery, a heart shape.
  • What can you find that represents light to you?
    Suggestions: a decorative or scented candle, battery tealight, a lamp, a torch, a mobile phone with light switched on.
  • What can you find that represents the good things God gives us?
    Suggestions: item of food, a favourite animal toy, a natural item, a plant.


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