Christian giving

We need to care for God’s living stones here on earth — built on one eternal foundation stone — Jesus Christ.

God’s work in our parishes is not sustainable at the current levels of giving, and our Christian giving is linked to our living a full Christian life. A Christian life where we give with a generous and loving heart to God’s work here and now. We need to search our hearts as God’s living stones and commit to provide all that He needs from us to do His work, including our money.

We glorify God, by giving our talents and our money to build His Kingdom here in our communities.
How we use our time, talents and money is at the heart of our walk with God.

Gift Offering for God’s Work

When thinking about your gift, consider the following
Principles of Christian Giving
How much should I give

The best way to support your local church community is by using the Parish Giving Scheme. To find out more about the Parish Giving Scheme and why our Church Councils recommend it, click here.

To offer your gift through the Parish Giving Scheme, select your Parish Name from the list below. All gifts will go to your Parish and the Church Council is the responsible body for using your gift for God’s work in the parish.

Give to Teme Valley North (for the churches in Knighton-on-Teme, Lindridge, Stockton-on-Teme and Pensax)

Give to Abberley (for the churches in Abberley)

Give to Shrawley and the Witleys (for the churches in Shrawley, Little Witley and Great Witley)