Marc Manning

Churchwarden, St Mary, Abberley

Following a time serving on the Parochial Church Council and Chair of Abberley Parochial V.C Primary School, I was elected and remain Churchwarden for Abberley St Mary Church.

I was born locally, in Hereford, and brought up on farm. I went to College in London where I qualified as an electrical engineer and Chartered engineer.  From college I went to work for Sperry Gyroscope, which later became British Aerospace, where I designed and built crash recorders. Following that I worked a short time in “offset” department and then left to take up a lecturing post, and studies for a Certificate in Education.

Towards the end of my working life, I started my own business as a computer service engineer, worked for 3 schools managing all hardware, software and networks, finally retiring at the age of 73.

From age of 8/9 I attended local church for which I rang the chime bells and pumped the organ. Then I became a server attending every communion assisting in the service. From secondary school onwards I attended chapel in the cathedral every day. Also when young I attended Sunday school. So all in all a lot of church when I was young. There then came a period in my life when church was not a priority and it was sometime later I came back to church which, over the last 30 years, has become more important as time has gone by.