The four rivers

The Four Rivers remind us of our Christian life together in different ways.

Dick Brook: officially starts at “Joan’s Hole” between Heightington and Dunley, flows through the latter and forms the north border of the former Shrawley Parish before flowing into the Severn. Its feeders include several that originate to the north of Abberley Common and from the Abberley Hills.

In the year 1717, Dick Brook was the first river in England to be Canalised and two flash locks were added so that boats could navigate to Astley Forge. This symbolises to us that human creativity and endeavour have a part to play in our ministry by allowing ourselves to be open to the love, peace, joy and wisdom of Spirit.

Shrawley Brook: flows west to east, forming the southern border of the old Shrawley Parish before flowing into the Severn. Its tributaries form as far west as Woodbury Hill (flowing through Great Witley Court),
Great Witley, and (separately) from around Little Witley.

It originates wholly within the 4RIVERS CHURCHES area: reminding us that some of we create and do, does and should reach out beyond ourselves and our church communities– through prayer, through charitable giving, through people who work, holiday, minister and have families elsewhere. Our expression of love to others is in the two great commandments: to love God with our whole self and to love our neighbour as ourselves. Our desire to fulfill these commandments is our response to knowing that God loves us.

River Rea: (meaning “flow”) starts on the slopes of the Clee Hills and flows into 4RIVERS CHURCHES area from the north edging the old Knighton-on-Teme Parish, and after passing under the road, flows into the Teme near Newnham Bridge. This reminds us of resources coming to us that originate from outside, Divine and Human, from friends, the diocese and national church, others’ prayers and funding for our ministry and property. Our responsibility is to use these resources for The Kingdom making sure that the most needy among us are not forgotten.

River Teme: originates in the Kerry Hills (as per the breed of sheep), Powys, Wales, flows through several famous places, including Ludlow; and after leaving Tenbury Wells, forms the southern border of the old Knighton-on-Teme, Lindridge, Stockton-on-Teme Parishes, before turning south to Martley and joining the Severn at Powick. Passing through 4RIVERS CHURCHES areas, as it does, and interacting on the way, the Teme reminds that our lives and ministries are also passing through, and perhaps that Church is a place where people, ‘come and go and find refreshment’. The living waters are available to all who believe – “He who believes in Me, from their innermost being, will flow rivers of living water.”